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embracing holistic health

At the Unscripted Clinic, we prioritize patient-centered care that views health as more than just the absence of disease. By understanding each patient's unique story, we develop personalized health plans that allow health to thrive. Our science-based approach, led by Cara Merak, our Functional Medicine nurse, examines the complex interactions in a patient's history, physiology, and lifestyle to identify root causes of illness. We consider genetic factors and both internal and external influences on health. Integrating traditional medical practices with proven elements of alternative medicine, we focus on healing and prevention through nutrition, exercise, sleep optimization, functional tests, and tailored treatments that may include herbal remedies, supplements, and stress-management techniques.

meet our founder:

Cara Merak, BSN, RN, CFNC is a dedicated functional medicine nurse whose transforming lives with a refreshingly honest approach to health and wellness. As a former pediatric nurse at a top Seattle-area hospital, she saw firsthand the disappointing cycle of temporary fixes in traditional healthcare and decided to pave a different path—one that focuses on lasting health rather than quick fixes.

As a mom and wife, Cara understands the importance of nurturing not just individual health but family well-being. She’s passionate about helping her clients build strong health foundations through personalized care that respects their unique needs. No more one-size-fits-all solutions—because everyone deserves care tailored just for them.

In her practice, the Unscripted Clinic isn’t chasing trends or pushing products; but instead committed to guiding real people towards real, sustainable changes that can lead to a longer, happier life. Dive into a journey of health redefined with Cara, where your well-being is the top priority.



Registered Nurse

Bachelors of Science in Nursing at Seattle University

Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice Certification

Institute of Functional Medicine


Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor

Functional Nutrition Alliance

Published Health & Wellness Columnist 

Best Version Media, 6+ publications nationally

Institute for Functional Medicine
Functional Nutrition Counselor
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