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Designed to help you take charge of your health, memberships allow you to work one-on-one with the founder of the Unscripted Clinic to ensure the consistency and accountability needed to build lasting habits. 

all members receive:

  • regular one-on-one sessions with a functional medicine nurse

  • personalized roadmap to achieve health goals

  • 25% discount on all additional sessions

  • 25% discount on supplements

  • 25% discount on wellness packages

  • access to direct messaging between sessions

  • access to blood lab and functional test ordering

new client package

$ 2,500   $ 2,000

  • first 3 months of membership

  • create your health profile with a comprehensive health intake form

  • 1 one-hour health story session

  • monthly 1-hour sessions and three 30-minute check-ins

  • diet & lifestyle journaling

  • health goal setting tailored to individual health goals and preferences

  • ongoing support throughout the membership period through direct messaging

unscripted clinic memberships

thrive membership

$ 1,500 (billed quarterly)

revitalize membership

$ 2,500 (billed quarterly)

Provides increased support and frequent accountability. Perfect for those with complex chronic diseases or those seeking more consistent guidance and motivation.


Monthly Sessions:

One 1-hour strategy session

Three 30-minute check-ins

A great balance of focused guidance and accountability. Perfect for those who appreciate a more self-directed approach.


Monthly Sessions:

One 1-hour strategy session

One 30-minute check-in

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