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wellness packages

Wellness packages allow us to dig deeper into "what's going on in there" to get to the next level of healing. Additional and a la carte functional tests and blood lab tests also available*.

*Contact us to find out more about these options.

new client membership

$ 2,000

  • first 3 months of membership

  • create your health profile with a comprehensive health intake form

  • 1 one-hour health story session

  • monthly 1-hour sessions and three 30-minute check-ins

  • diet & lifestyle journaling

  • health goal setting tailored to individual health goals and preferences

  • ongoing support throughout the membership period through direct messaging

genetics package

non-Members $2000  |  Members $1,500

  • Genetic Data Collection and Analysis

  • Optimized health plan based on genetic insights related to disease risk, specific nutrient metabolism, drug response, exercise response, and more.

ultimate wellness package

non-Members $2,500  |  Members $1,875

  • Epigenetic Age Test: Assesses biological aging through DNA methylation, offering

  • lifestyle and aging insights.

  • DEXA Body Composition Scan.

  • Wellness Assessment Blood Lab Panel: includes tests for vitamins and minerals,

  • cholesterol and lipid levels, blood sugar, hormone profiles, inflammation markers, and

  • more.

a la carte Functional tests and lab testing also available. Contact me for more details.

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