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your health, unscripted:



our approach

We're making the bold statement that there’s a better way to do health care.


At the Unscripted Clinic, we envision health like a tree—where symptoms and diagnoses are merely the branches and the roots represent the deeper causes of your health challenges. As a telehealth clinic guided by a functional medicine nurse, our commitment is to work intimately with you to decode these symptoms. This approach helps us identify and address the underlying issues, whether they involve hormone imbalances, gut health, or allergies. By cutting through the overwhelming flood of health advice, we focus on what’s truly relevant to you. Let us empower you to revolutionize your personal health, ensuring that every step we take together is informed, intentional, and tailored specifically to your needs.

This is where science meets your story.

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functional medicine nurse

Cara Merak, BSN, RN, CFNC

Functional Medicine Nurse

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Wellness Unscripted offers a diverse range of content including podcast episodes, magazine articles, blog posts, and social media content. Explore our platform to uncover valuable and actionable insights and resources to support your wellness journey.

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natural solutions for lasting health

We've taken the principles of Functional Medicine and customized them to our nutrition and lifestyle consulting, focusing on the root causes of your health issues rather than just the symptoms. This approach involves understanding your unique history and how genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors shape your health, allowing us to reveal the source of your symptoms and create a customized health plan for you. This comprehensive, patient-centered strategy not only effectively manages chronic conditions but also optimizes your long-term health trajectory.

It's time to be proactive about your health.


"Cara is amazing! This is the first experience I've had with a healthcare professional where I felt listened to. It was nice to have someone look at everything going on in my life, and not just labwork, to determine what could be causing my symptoms. Cara was able to see patterns in my health and lifestyle that a traditional healthcare provider would have missed or ignored. I feel like I am finally on a path to getting well after years of having my symptoms blamed on stress or being given a prescription for something."


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